Monday, August 08, 2005

Other Simple Backup Solutions: Online

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For some, it can be just as frustrating to lose bookmarks as any other data on a hard drive. How many people can actually remember hundreds of bookmarks if something happens to their browser or profile? A simple solution: Store your bookmarks online. There are a number of online bookmarks storage sites currently; a list of some of them is found here. I have used a free account with Ikeepbookmarks successfully for over a year. There are free as well as paid account options, and even with the free account I use, I am able to export my bookmarks to the site easily, and import them into my browser just as easily. Adding bookmarks "on the fly" is a snap with the ikeepbookmarks bookmarklet that I've placed on my bookmarks menubar. So there is no need to worry about losing my bookmarks.

How many times have you needed to send someone a link to a site in an email, only to have your recipient tell you the link broke? There's no question that hyperlinks can be cumbersome at times, and if they "break" in the adfdress bar, access can be impossible. Enter TinyUrl and SnipUrl. Both of these services allow conversion of long, complex hyperlinks to much shorter links that are much easier to work with. Both offer bookmarlets you can drag to your toolbar or bookmarks menu for quick access. SnipUrl also offers MySnips, space to store links you've shortened. These sites may just help simplify your online life.