Wednesday, February 15, 2006

An Automated Approach to Personal Web Pages

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I have used personal web pages for a while now, and I don't know how I ever survived without them. I currently have several sets for different purposes. I enjoy the process of creating the pages almost more than I enjoy using them, and I've even changed templates for some of my sets. Of course, creating and editing the pages requires knowledge of html.

If you've wanted to have a personal web page of your own but do not know how to write html or don't care to take the time to do it, all is not lost. Check out ProtoPage. This free service is based in London. With ProtoPage, you:

  • Can create a personal page using a "modular", point-and-click approach.
  • Can include localized content, such as for news and weather.
  • Need not register to create a page, but any page(s)created without registration expire within 48 hours.
  • Can choose colors for the background and panels, even add your own photos and backgrounds by uploading them to the web first.
  • Can have a handy bookmarklet available to make it easy to add links to your page.
  • Can add multiple panels, sticky notes (good for "to-do" lists and reminders), news and blog feeds, local weather and even an e mail panel.
  • Can set the page(s) to open as home pages in your browser. (The service is best used with Firefox.)
  • Can dock panels at the top of the screen to save space and still allow quick access.
  • Can have several pages, and
  • Can choose to make pages public or keep them private.
You can also contact the owners of the site to make suggestions about features you would like to see added.

I do not plan to discontinue using self-created personal pages by any means because of the greater flexibility they afford, but ProtoPage is a nice addition to "my" pages.